Corina, Corina Where You Been So Long?

One place I've been - to the movies with my sister

One place I’ve been – to the movies with my sister!

It’s true, I have been away from my little slice of internet paradise for a while now. I’ve missed you all terribly! There are so many things I need to post on right way, but I will try to space them out so as to not overwhelm my readers or myself. 

There have been some changes in Corinaville. First, to explain my absence…a couple months ago, the hot water heater at my place went crazytown and spewed water everywhere. So, for the past six weeks or so, I was living in a motel. It really wasn’t so bad – insurance covered the cost, I got to have my kitties with me, and there were lovely housekeepers to wash all of my sheets and towels. I didn’t plan for the adventure as well I should have, though.

At first we anticipated being out of the house for maybe three weeks, max. My computer (iMac) is huge and somewhat bulky, so I thought it best to leave it at home. That proved to be a mistake, as I have been missing it terribly every single day. I had my iPhone and iPad (I know, I know, I’m a slave to Apple – although in other news, Windows tiles are looking very appealing! But I digress) but I hate typing on those things. I like a real keyboard that clickety clacks and understands the letter or number my finger is attempting to press. Touch screen keyboards and I do not get along all that well.

Then, another big change – I turned 30! I am officially a thirty-year old woman, and so far it’s been pretty awesome. I never really feared that milestone but I suspect I was more anxious about it than I realized. So many things seem like they should happen before turning thirty – I thought I should be married by now, have a kid by now, a perfectly established career by now. But now that the time is here, I can relax. It’s like when you miss a deadline for an assignment and they extend it out again, so suddenly you can breathe again.

I’ve decided that my interpretation of thirty includes both “dirty thirty” and “thirty, flirty, and thriving”. So far so good, I suppose. Besides gaining all the secret wisdom and maturity that is magically bestowed upon those reaching that oft-feared age, I also got some wonderful gifts from friends and family. Those made the birthday even more exciting for me, because they really showed that they cared.

Speaking of, one of those awesome gifts that I got was a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. I’ve been wanting one for a whole year and my bestest friend got it for me, along with a plethora of other gifts that were certainly too much for just one birthday. She’s like that, though, and her generosity is but one of the qualities that make her such an amazing person. Anyway, the keyboard is perfect and now I have an excuse to buy a fancy new iPad cover to match!

Even with the keyboard and the iPad, though, I missed my computer. I missed using full versions of Photoshop and WordPress versus using their apps. I missed having PhotoBooth. I missed having access to any photos or files that I didn’t get on DropBox before we left. But now I’m back, and it only took me like a week to find where the remediation guys packed all of the components. Still at large – the DVR cable box, my Airport wireless router, and all the associated cords. Yesterday I tracked down the mouse, keyboard, and computer, and I can use my phone’s hotspot to interact with the world. Hooray!

Right now I am filled with anxiety over quite a few things, but this outlet helps enormously. Please do stay tuned for these posts that I’ve been preparing for…

Barney + Patrice = WTF

HIMYM cab license plate

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon spanks Amy

The Campaign quote re giraffe in high heels

2 Broke Girls – the return of shirtless Noah Mills

Plus some book quotes, episode recaps, musings, found finds, poetry, and perhaps a strongly worded letter or two. Let’s talk soon, okay? :)

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