I’m Obsessed with WordFoto

I’m in love with my new WordFoto app for the iPhone. It takes my favorite thing (words) and artistically arranges them atop my favorite images. Love! I’m still figuring out how to use all of the options – I’m comfortable with the preset choices but the custom fine-tuning is a little confusing. Once I master it I will be sure to post more!

This is a bumper sticker that I took a picture of, and the text is my thoughts on missing Santa Cruz. I posted the original image in my blog a few months ago, but this adds a new dimension that I find absolutely fascinating.

I’ve been really into taking pictures of this adorable little pink chapel near my house, and the WordFoto app let me add lyrics from “Going to the Chapel”. I wish I were getting married just so I could use this as my invite, because I just love it!

Here’s a pic of my fave little guy ruling the land at the community park. He was sitting beneath the tire swing and I loved how the chain and shadows looked against his gloriously curly pseudo-fro. “King of the Playground” felt like an appropriate caption for this photo.

This image is really special to me, because it represents my maternal lineage. This is a picture of my grandma’s measuring tape, atop antique lace from my great-grandma’s wedding dress, in the drawer of a sewing machine that originally belonged to my great-great-grandma and is now in my mother’s house. And it will all be mine someday! So this picture has our first names and nicknames as the text. It makes my heart feel happy. :)

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