The No Skip Project: Songs 1-20

I always put together mixes of the songs I’m currently into, and then I end up skipping track after track as I try to figure out what I feel like hearing. So ultimately my time putting together the mix is wasted! Not anymore, though, because I’m forcing myself to listen – in order – to each of the 696 songs in my “Current Faves” playlist. They’re ordered by add date, so this set has my most recent musical whims. Please note that I did not purchase all of these songs individually – some are from iTunes, some are from thrift store CDs, my own CDs packed away in storage, etc. I have no further excuses for the mish-mash of tracks from (arguably) some of the best and worst musicians around. :) No shame, either!

So tell me – what songs are on your No Skip Project playlist? I’d love to add to my own list from your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “The No Skip Project: Songs 1-20

    • Oh it’s on the list don’t worry! These are in order of add date, with the most recent first. I’ve had that Country Dick CD since I was like 14, so it’s waaay down at the bottom of the list from being added years ago. :)

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