Am I Secretly Obsessed With David Spade’s Package?

I was watching Rules of Engagement the other night with my mom, and she commented on how David Spade is not aging well. She then mentioned that it doesn’t seem to be hurting his chances with the ladies, to which I responded, “well, I’ve heard he has a ginormous package, sooo…?” Then my mom says (with a sigh) “I know, Corina, that’s what you’re always telling me.”

Do I talk about this all the time without even realizing? Do I have a latent obsession with David Spade’s undercarriage? I really hope not. I don’t usually go for blondes or short guys, so it would have to be his sense of humor that has me so intrigued. Although, based on my Jon Hamm gif post, it might be a bigger issue than that.


3 thoughts on “Am I Secretly Obsessed With David Spade’s Package?

  1. not aging well?? I think he looks better now than he did when he was younger, and your not alone in your obsession

    • I think you’re right, he seemed very scrawny and young before but now he’s looking like a grown up. Not that he has ever been unattractive, he just seems more masculine now maybe?

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      • completley agree he always looked so young, you wouldn’t want to shag him just mother him but I think he looks amazing now, I’m alone in this but I think he looks like a blonde Johnny Depp, as the first time I saw him I mixed them up, check out secret window for a blonde Depp

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