What’s Your Number?

Colin: What you’re going to have to do is give him the best sex of his life, then slowly let him discover that you’re more than just a rebound. He can’t realize that he’s falling in love with you until it’s too late.

Ally: So I’m covering up the fact that I’m marriage material with amazing sex?

This quote basically sums up the plot of 90% of romance novels, which probably has quite a bit to do with why I like it so much. I don’t think? know? that it works, but it’s one of those theories that seems to make more and more sense the longer you consider it. I also loved What’s Your Number because of this quote: Continue reading “What’s Your Number?”

The Big Bang Theory Is Weirdly Specific About Sex Talk

I’ve noticed that we have a surprisingly intimate glimpse into most of the character’s bedroom chatter, and more specifically, what they say during orgasm. I don’t really know why they’ve provided us with all this info, but it cracks me up. Big Bang Theory fans, did I miss any? 

This post is pretty long and chock full o’ quotes, so here’s a cheat sheet:

Leonard: Asks questions – I’m assuming “do you like it when I…” or just “you like this?”, etc. Also makes “mmmm” noises when he kisses and has a predilection for Star Trek roleplay.

Penny: “Oh God”, “Yeehaw”, and – when making out with Stuart – “Oh Leonard!”

Howard: Drunken monkey noises – “oo ooo ooo!”

Amy Farrah Fowler: “Hoo” (This is just a guess but it cracks me up)

Beverly (Leonard’s mom): “Yikes”

Zack (Penny’s ex-boyfriend): “Holy Moly”

Raj: Presumably silent when sober, God only knows what he says when drunk and with a lady friend.

Bernadette: For Howard’s sake I hope she doesn’t use her raspy voice that sounds just like his mother.

Barry Kripke: I don’t think this has been addressed on the show but Bawwy Kwipke’s lisp has to make for hilarious dirty talk.

Stuart: “Oh Penny” (one time, did not go well)

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Talkin’ It Up!

Here we are…in a room full of strangers
Talkin’ bout politics…and the issues of the day-ay
Though you may not waaant me to
I’m still gonna taaalk to you
I don’t care what you say!

Talkin’ it up!
On The Barry Gibb talk show
Talkin’ ’bout issues
Talkin’ ’bout, real important issues
Talkin’ it up!
On The Barry Gibb talk show
Checkin’ out politics
In this crazy, crazy tow-ow-ow-own

Talkin’ it up!
On The Barry Gibb Talk Show
Talkin’ ’bout chest hair
Talkin’ ’bout, crazy cool medallions

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