Late Night Snackers vs. AmeriCone Dreamers – Do Fallon Fans Fight Fair Against Colbert?

I’ve noticed a suspicious trend during my grocery store visits these past few months. The shelves that are labeled for Americone Dream are actually filled with Late Night Snack! And, to add insult to injury, they’ve marked Americone Dream down 70 cents lower than Late Night Snack.

For shame! Colbert, who values the mighty dollar, is not likely to appreciate this cold scoop of betrayal at the hands of capitalism.

Jimmy Fallon, my favorite late night host and Barry Gibb impersonator, please urge your Late Night Snackers to play fair in the frozen food aisle! Stephen Colbert, my favorite news corres-pundit, please urge your Americone Dreamers to buy often, and buy proud!

P.S. I am aware that this is likely due to over/under stocking of either ice cream and likely not indicative of a plot against Colbert. Nonetheless, he’s a vigilant sorta fellow, and I imagine he would appreciate being informed of this potential sabotage!

P.P.S. Both ice creams are produced by Ben & Jerry’s and available (hopefully) at local stores.

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