This Is Totally Going In My Blog!

Hullo, world. I’ve been away for ever so long, dealing with the real world outside of the interwebs. That mostly means packing, moving, and unpacking, with a dollop of forgetting to transfer my cable and internet services before I left. There were a few days of no contact via the computer or iPhone and I did not handle it well. :)

But I have returned, with a new freelance work assignment that I am SO excited about, a new date tonight that I am also really looking forward to, and plenty o’ quotes, gifs, poems, and randomness per the general nature of this blog. Did I mention that I’m also getting a mani/pedi this afternoon? I’m going to Happiness NailS near my new place, so I feel confident that it will not just be one nail. I do, however, hope that all of my nails will shine like diamonds in the sky.

3 thoughts on “This Is Totally Going In My Blog!

    1. Thank you! I’m seriously so flattered and appreciative, I think you are my very first fan :) I’m also SUPER excited to get down to busines discussing all the OMG amazing developments on HIMYM!

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