Be Still, My Beating Heart (Ryan Gosling Gets Bulldog Kisses)

I would gladly trade places with Ryan or the bulldog, or just Emma (though I would prefer to retain her hair somehow), but I do hope that Ryan’s awesome dog George isn’t jealous. I am quite jealous of the dog and Emma Stone, but alas, such is life… Continue reading Be Still, My Beating Heart (Ryan Gosling Gets Bulldog Kisses)

Does Zappos Really Offer “Fits For Every Body Type”?

This recent Zappos ad says that the brand is offering jeans for “every body type”, but the body types shown are all pretty similar. Flat stomach, long legs, nice ass. So my first reaction is, wow, their definition of “every” is pretty much the opposite of mine. All of those jeans seem to be for just one body type. Some people think that it’s all the same model, but the ab and belly button areas seem a bit different to me? I was debating how I felt about this, so I took a look-see at their selection of denim. I … Continue reading Does Zappos Really Offer “Fits For Every Body Type”?

HIMYM Season 7 Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Monday night gave us two brand new episodes of How I Met Your Mother – “The Best Man” and “The Naked Truth”. Both of them were pretty much on par with the past season, bringing lots of laughter and even some tears. Definite spoilers ahead!!! Loved: Barney & Robin dancing to Deee-Lite! “Groove is in the Heart” came out in 1990, so it probably didn’t get to Canada until like ’98, ’99. Robin’s sweet dance moves were not a surprise, given her impressive moves as seen in the video for Canada’s favorite hit single, “Let’s Go To The Mall” Classic … Continue reading HIMYM Season 7 Episodes 1 & 2 Review

This Jon Hamm GIF Dances To Your Music

It doesn’t, actually, but it certainly seems to. I can’t take my eyes off of him! Sometimes he seems like he’s doing some sort of River Dance, and other times he seems to be warming up for Tae Bo. Either way is fine by me! I went searching for (potentially NSFW) gifs that focus on Jon Hamm’s glorious endowment, but sadly didn’t find too many options. He should really get to work on that, like now. Anyway, here’s a collection of Jon Hamm sexytime gifs for you to enjoy! B-T-Dub, in the walking gif, Hamm has his cell phone/wallet/pack of … Continue reading This Jon Hamm GIF Dances To Your Music

Big Sexy, Episode 2: Wherein We Discuss Fat Bitches

First off, I realize I’m like two weeks behind on this review. The fourth episode is airing tonight and I don’t have the review of the third episode done, not to mention that I’m just now posting this! Second, I’m not really a fan of the phrase “fat bitches”, but it really was part of the episode’s theme. I guess some women are taking the power out of that phrase by using it personally? Idk. But this particular episode was packed full of incredible quotes that really resonated with me. Plus a few that I disagreed with, of course. Read on for details!

In this episode we meet plus size comedienne Erica Watson, aka my new favorite person. I think I wrote down every word she said because it was all so very quote-worthy. She comes to Leslie’s store to find an outfit for her comedy show, Fat Bitch. They discuss men, and Erica shares her secrets for finding guys:

Erica: Honestly, this may sound weird, but I’ve been meeting a lot of cute guys at coffee shops and libraries.

Heather: Wait – the library?

Erica: Smart penises in the library girl! You don’t want a dumb penis.

Leslie: So do you approach guys, or do they approach you?

Erica: I don’t like to approach men – I can’t do it..

Leslie: Me neither!

Erica: Plus size girls, they feel like they have to be the aggressor, but not me. If he wants you, he’ll come, that’s what I say.

When Leslie mentions their recent attendance at the BBW singles event, Erica notes that some “in particular prey upon larger women instead of celebrating them”. That is certainly true, but I think it’s probably similar for any sort of singles event, and any sort of woman?

Next up is a girl’s night in, with men and sex being the main topics of conversation. When asked about her ideal guy, Tiffany responds “The ideal guy? Breathing, has all his teeth…” When pushed for a serious answer, she responds:

Tiffany: I’ve been very open-minded to like, packages…like in the past year or so. I’m used to dating, like, one type of guy, so now I’m like ok, all ethnicities, all ages…all packages

Heather: All packages?

Nikki: Wait so if you’re opening yourself up to all kinds of packages, does that mean you’re fine with little packages, big packages…?

Tiffany: No! You can return that to UPS, I don’t want a small package!

So the ladies are upset when guys turn them down based on their size, but they’re alright with turning down guys based on their package size. It seems a little hypocritical, no? I totally understand both sides of this argument, and in fact am not 100% sure where I stand. I’ve always said that it’s not fair to be angry with someone for not being attracted to you. Some men simply cannot find anything sexy about a curvy woman, and that’s their prerogative. Similarly, some women can’t find anything sexy about a small package, and that’s their prerogative. (click “read more” at right for the rest) Continue reading “Big Sexy, Episode 2: Wherein We Discuss Fat Bitches”

Everyday He’s Shufflin’

(or suffling…same difference lol) Finally discovered how to properly embed videos (which was super easy and not something I should brag about) so now I can publish all the drafts I had saved. Prepare for some brilliant videos – I’ve scheduled them to be posted throughout the day for everyone’s entertainment! This one was from last Monday…enjoying some brilliant dance moves while I lunch on my sandwich from Vons. SO GOOD. The dancing & the sandwich. Kinda sad I have to get back to work, but I do feel pretty amped up after watching my best guy friend in the … Continue reading Everyday He’s Shufflin’