Betsy Talks TV

My mom called me to discuss what was on TV, and this is the conversation that transpired:

Betsy: Corina, I’m watching Toddlers & Tiaras, you have to see this show!

Me: MOM! No! I told you that’s a horrible show and you shouldn’t support it in any way whatsoever!

Betsy: I’m changing the channel right now, I swear! There, I changed it to The O’Reilly Factor, okay?

Me: No! That’s even worse!!! Change it again!

Betsy: Okay now I’m on Dance Moms

Me: Just turn off the TV altogether, it’s a minefield!

I believe she finally stopped on A Low Down Dirty Shame, for what it’s worth. Just in case you think I’m overreacting…I have many strong memories of my mom calling me up, a few years back, concerned about this new Obama person running for President. Upon further investigation I discovered that she had been getting all of her information via Fox News, which had skewed her opinion considerably. Once I showed her that Obama seemed like a pretty cool guy, and also was not any sort of terrorist/antichrist/evil dictator, she realized that she was actually very much in favor of him. She’s wised up about TV news since then, and hopefully she will now steer away from these other shows as well.

As for her other favorite shows…I’m not sure how anyone can really love those America’s Funniest Videos/Animals/Kids type shows, but they never get old for my mom. One of my favorite lessons that my mom taught me was never expressed verbally, but learned by observation. She is sincerely delighted by the little things in life, and let me tell you – it’s a great way to live. I, for example, was truly overjoyed last weekend when I discovered that there was a 10 books for 1 buck sale at Salvation Army. Do you even know how many books I was able to purchase??? Like 50!!! For FIVE dollars!!! If that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is. Now I have a basket overflowing with books, and I feel happy every time I see it. You might feel equally delighted by things like the neighbors kids drawing a chalk path from your front door to your car (in case you suddenly forgot the way), a new flavor of frozen yogurt on sale, or those promotional air tube guys that they have at like car dealerships and furniture store sales. All of those things made my mom super happy, and I think that’s an awesome way to be. BTW, she likes the air tube guys because she says it looks like they’re always dancing in time with the (usually rap, soul, or R&B) music she’s blasting in her car. More on Betsy’s musical preferences later…

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