NBO Flyer – Ladies Night

Once upon a time, in a school upon a hill, a little sorority named Nu Beta Omicron was born. It was local, and lacking many resources needed to truly succeed in a place where negative attitudes towards the greek system were quite prevalent. But the sorority did help pave the way for more options on campus once all the girls were long gone, so it can be considered an accomplishment to be proud of. As one of the founders – and original president – of NBO, I do feel pride in what we all worked on. I also feel guilty for not making it more than it was, but I suppose things work out like they’re supposed to. Anyway, I spent a fair amount of time coming up with rush slogans, flyers, party themes, etc. I’ve updated some of them for use in my blog, to show the earliest examples of my copywriting and graphic design skills. Also it reminds me of good times!

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