Posted in August 2011

Big Sexy on TLC – Will You Watch It?

Tonight is the premier of the new TLC show Big Sexy. It is about big, sexy ladies, living in NYC. I think that’s what it’s about at least, I’m still a little confused. They seem to be aiming for a plus size Sex and the City kinda deal, but reality, so who knows. It sounds like … Continue reading

Hold On, But Let Yourself Sway

Sorry to say but the whole world is an earthquake It tips and topples and forces hearts to break But water will find its own level And fires will slowly subside The balance will be restored It’s only a matter of time So brace yourself for the earthquakes! Hold on, but let yourself sway There’s … Continue reading

Why Do You Hide?

You hide your wisdom behind wide eyes Why do you insist on feigning surprise? You think you look so cute and fragile Why do you wear that silly fake smile? You seem to believe that it will impress Why do you want that kind of success? You can abandon your little disguise There’s no way … Continue reading

Link Love

Hello world! I’ve updated my blogroll to link to all sorts of great sites that I have come across personally and professionally. Here’s the important part – if you do NOT want to be associated with me/my blog for any reason whatsoever, just let me know and I will remove the link ASAP. That’s all!

This Made My Week

I know it isn’t indicative of great fame or good deeds done, but I think it represents the next step in my writing career – where I see stuff like this all the time! I really, really, really wanted any/all of my MTV condom articles to get passed around online, because I think they address … Continue reading

Betsy Talks TV

My mom called me to discuss what was on TV, and this is the conversation that transpired: Betsy: Corina, I’m watching Toddlers & Tiaras, you have to see this show! Me: MOM! No! I told you that’s a horrible show and you shouldn’t support it in any way whatsoever! Betsy: I’m changing the channel right … Continue reading

I Am Going To Cry

Not me, actually, right now. But thank you for your concern, if you clicked through because you thought that I was upset! I’m actually referencing a quote from Grey’s Anatomy that has stuck with me. I saw this article on theFrisky today, and it got me to thinking about crying in public. In “Girl Talk: … Continue reading

NBO Flyer – Ladies Night

NBO Flyer – Ladies Night

Once upon a time, in a school upon a hill, a little sorority named Nu Beta Omicron was born. It was local, and lacking many resources needed to truly succeed in a place where negative attitudes towards the greek system were quite prevalent. But the sorority did help pave the way for more options on … Continue reading

Poetry In Motion

Trying something new with my poetry this week…putting snippets or entire poems against design elements to make them come alive! I’m pretty excited despite my very limited experience in the world of graphic design. Here goes my first shot, I hope you enjoy :)