10 Signs You’re a HIMYM Superfan!

Click here for a compilation of all the clues and theories about The Mother!

1. You notice immediately when the reruns have parts edited out (ex: discussions of Robin’s friend from Canada who got married way too early, Slap Bet episode season 2)

2. You know every character’s full name (note – I love that Theodore Evelyn Mosby and Robin Charles Scherbatsky, Jr. both have gender inappropriate middle names)

3. You know Marshall’s password to access his bar exam results online (and the entire song he used to remember it)

4. You know every word to  “Super Date”, “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit”, and (of course) all of the Robin Sparkles songs (edited to add Marshall’s Chinese food cushion flipping song, “Cat-sitting for Lily’s Mom”, and the subsequent “Cat Funeral”)

5. You look for clues to the mother in each new episode, but also clues to the pineapple incident, slutty pumpkin, etc

6. You remember the names of Ted’s former dates better than he does (see the game of “name that bitch”, Say Cheese episode season 5)

7. You know about and have discussed the St. Patrick’s Day girl and the Tracy theory with other fans

8. You own and/or have read any of the following books by Barney Stinson:

9. You scoff at the so-called fans that can only quote “Legen…dary!” and still think Robin is the mother

10. You have visited (or at least tried to visit) any of the following sites:

Alright everyone, what did I miss? Include your own signs of HIMYM superfan awesomeness in the comments!
Note – I think the header image is from the site http://www.destinything.com, but that site doesn’t appear to be up at the moment. Just wanted to make sure I gave credit where it was due :)

28 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re a HIMYM Superfan!

  1. 11) Whenever anyone says “general,” “major,” “private,” or any similar adjectives, you repeat them and the noun following them, and then give a salute.

  2. It’s very recent, but my fiancee and i are always saying “Awwww, Maaaannnnnn” from the blitzgiving episode. Or leaning over and doing the “The Gentlemen!” thing.

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  4. Ow! Song-missing alert! =)
    We also know the Puzzles song, the Slap Bet song, not to mention the CLASSIC Bang Bang Bangity Bang. Actually, any fan has a How I Met Your Mother’s entire playlist…….

    • Oops you found another early HIMYM post that I need to update! There have been so many glorious new songs that this in particular needs to be refreshed. Also, how much do I love that they released all of Marshall’s songs on iTunes? I listen to Marshall vs the Machine all the time when I need to get psyched!

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