Dear Sarah Palin – Your Family Completely Refutes The Logic Of Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Hey Sarah,

I admit that I find you to be basically ridiculous, what with your playing the martyr card every chance you get, fame-whoring, not serving full terms that you’ve been elected to, shooting wolves, & trying to act like you’re a revolutionary woman in politics when women like Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Susan Davis (not to mention Geraldine Ferraro) have preceded you and done a much better job of it. But I digress. One of my biggest points of contention has always been your stance on sex education, and your insistence on promoting abstinence only sex ed instead of teaching about birth control and contraceptives.

I could cite the research that demonstrates how comprehensive sex ed is more effective at preventing teen pregnancy and STDs, but I don’t think that would matter to you. You’ve decided that sex before marriage is a gosh-darned gee whiz sin, and we shouldn’t ever talk about it because – gasp! – those crazy teens will just get all riled up and ready to do the dirty. Like your own kids did, ya know? If you can’t make abstinence only sex education work for your own children, why would you possibly think it would work for anyone else? Or, to put it in words you might better understand – did your own children ignore your teachings and have sex (unprotected, no less) before marriage? You betcha!

You have one grandchild that was conceived by your teenage daughter, who was not practicing abstinence or safe sex. I’m sure you’re real glad to have the little guy around now, but was it really in your daughter’s best interest to become a teenage parent? I’m not suggesting that Bristol should have aborted or considered adoption – that’s not my call to make – but maybe if she had felt comfortable talking to her own mother, she wouldn’t have ended up pregnant in the first place. Now your son and his wife of two months are expecting a baby in two or three months. It doesn’t take a genius to see that they were also not on board with the abstinence plan, even after seeing Bristol deal with a baby. It’s great that they got married, but it’s pretty clear that the baby was the motivation.

You’ve acted like you and your family are bastions of morality, and the holier-than-thou attitude doesn’t really make sense, considering the reality of your life. You seem to think that you’re an amazing parent – maybe you are, I can’t say, because thankfully you’re not my mom – but clearly you are not succeeding in this area. For me, it isn’t about how Bristol and Levi, or Track and Britta, made mistakes. It’s about the simple idea that they didn’t feel comfortable talking to their own mother about birth control or protection. In retrospect, can’t you see that preaching abstinence was basically pointless? You also tend to act and imply that you are superior to almost everyone, which includes other parents. By your own logic, if a superior parent like yourself can’t make abstinence only sex ed work, how could an inferior parent (like all those crazy liberals that attack you in the media!) have any hope of success with this method???

Abstinence IS effective, when actually practiced. We SHOULD be teaching teens to wait, to hold off on exploring their sexuality until they can deal with the emotional and physical consequences. But we should ALSO be teaching them how to be safe if they disregard our stance on abstinence, get caught up in the moment, or are just considering other options. I’ve written several papers on this subject for classes in high school and college, and I often referenced Tori Spelling on 90210. She’s no role model, but her character did make a compelling point in one episode. She likens sex to a pool in the backyard – you can tell your kids not to go near the pool, you can put up a fence around it, you can threaten punishment if they approach the pool…but at the end of the day, if there’s even a teeny tiny chance that your kid might end up in the water – shouldn’t they know how to swim? Or at least have easy access to a life-preserver?

No rush on responding, Mrs. Palin…I know you’re busy with your movie that’s opening to empty theaters, and your ridiculous tour bus, and your will she won’t she game of not confirming your plans for the 2012 election. Plus, you know, there’s a new baby on the way. Congratulations! (I mean that part sincerely, believe it or not) Maybe you can have a chat with Willow, and toss a couple of condoms her way, unless you’re hoping for another grandchild conceived out-of-wedlock?



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