Posted in July 2011

Where In The World Is Sir Giraffington?

Seriously, where the heck can I find the dapper giraffe with the top hat and monocle, as seen on Love Bites? Like 300 people have found my blog because they’re all searching for him, and none of us are having any luck. This search is more difficult than the final round of the Carmen Sandiego … Continue reading

“I’m Right On Top Of That Rose!”

This is basically how I feel every day…more and more stuff to do every minute, and I just keep saying that I’m on top of it and hoping that’s somehow the truth. But thinking about Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, and this scene in particular, really cheers me up. Btw, my second fave quote … Continue reading

Which Thrift Store Book Should I Read Next?

I feel so rich having all of these books on tap! But I’m having a tough time deciding between them, especially since they cover quite a few genres. If you’ve read any of these, or have suggestions on where to start, I’d love to hear your feedback. The titles in order are: Your Marketing Sucks, … Continue reading

In Defense of Reality Television

In Defense of Reality Television

Reality TV is really, really easy to dislike – we all know this. I’m pretty tolerant of craptastic shows, movies, etc, but there are some that even I can’t handle. I’m talking to you, Teen Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras, and Real Housewives of any city! But I can’t take the high road, because I indulge … Continue reading

When I Say “Oh SNAP”…

I hope you all realize that in my head I sound just like Biz Markie. So please ignore my actual voice, which, depending on opinion, sounds like a normal white girl from California. Instead, please imagine that you are hearing the exquisitely out of tune vocal stylings of one Mr. Biz Markie. This also goes … Continue reading

Why “Bitter” Is Not An Accurate Term

Another entry from John DeVore and the Mind of Man! I think I can present this without much comment, because it’s so spot on. This is his response to blog commenters that accuse him of being bitter whenever he dares to expresses an opinion…I’m in favor of his pirate wisdom. Read on for the lols: … Continue reading

Wait, What?

One of my favorite things is hearing completely nonsensical statements, out of context, when passing by strangers. I truly enjoy trying to piece together a reality in which the statement could somehow make sense. I also like people watching/listening in general, and observing the human condition. (That’s my fancy way of saying spying & eavesdropping!) … Continue reading