The Universe Unscrewed

I see this screw embedded in the parking lot almost everyday. Each time I feel tempted to unscrew it, even though I have no real reason to do so or plans on what to do with said screw once removed. Then I think, what if this screw is actually holding the entire universe together? I don’t actually believe that but nonetheless the thought pops into my head on a daily basis. I like the image, though. I enjoy this aspect of modernization, peeking out from amidst weeds and tar. Or whatever they use to make parking lots, I dunno. I also like the mental image of unscrewing that one screw and the whole universe splitting open in a burst of light. But that would probably incinerate me, so again, glad it’s not true. Anyway, that’s what’s stuck in my head today, so I’m sharing it with you.


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