Posted in June 2011

Familiar Spirit

Another poem found among my grandparent’s possessions. This one comes courtesy of an old, old volume of The Line Book. The inner cover explains that it’s “a compilation of the choicest verse and prose published the ‘Line o’ Type or Two’ column of the Chicago Tribune”. This particular volume of excerpts from Richard Henry Little’s … Continue reading

My Husband of So Many Years

I thought that my grandma wrote this poem for my papa, but I have recently been informed that I was incorrect. The poem was actually written by a woman named Elise Maclay, and published in a book called Green Winter: Celebrations of Old Age. A lovely reader named Shauna let me know that I didn’t … Continue reading

7 Deadly Sins of Disney Princesses

Chris Hill, aka chill07 on deviantART, made these incredible images a while back. Since I’m apparently posting on all things Disney today, I thought this was the perfect chance to share them. Some are spot on, while others I might have switched around a bit. You can decide for yourself how it all works out… … Continue reading

Fave Disney Snark Images

In honor of the recent drama re Disney and the term “Pooh-sized”, I’m posting my 2 fave snarky Disney images. Both make me smile and in fact make some good points. Hopefully they bring a smile to your face like they did for me!

A Pooh Sized Controversy

You miss so much when you only check blogs on weekdays! I did my Monday morning perusal of my fave blogs today, and came across a lovely exchange relating to the phrase “Pooh-sized”. I was, before today, unaware of this term. I do not like it at all, mainly because that doesn’t call to mind … Continue reading

My Story

I wrote the story myself. It’s about a girl who lost her reputation and never missed it. – Mae West

Sad State of Search Results

I was looking at the search terms that have led to my blog, and (not surprisingly) many related to relationships with overweight women. This is good, because that’s what I was writing about in many entries. SEO success! But then I looked at the report in more detail, and started to think about what people … Continue reading

Hearts & Stars In Her Eyes

These images come compliments of one of my two brilliant, talented, and gorgeous younger sisters. Usually when I look into Mimi’s eyes I see my own, but this version is pretty incredible as well. Check back for an artistic contribution from my other sister Kat, soon to come! And perhaps guest spots by other talented … Continue reading

“Thee Are Mistaken…Hookers!”

Hot in Cleveland makes me oh-so-happy, mainly because of Betty White. I mean, she’s Betty White, of course it’s funny. But basically every other person on that show is just also hilarious, from main characters to minor guest spots. This was my fave scene from the season premiere: Melane: We’re lost. Let’s ask that old … Continue reading