Posted in May 2011

Promises Mean Nothing

I come from a land of drug addicts and lies I see the scarlet letter that you think you’ve disguised I’ve suffered every heartbreak a drunkard’s widow meets And your tears fall shallow droplets muddied by deceit I can’t be the one to make you whole I won’t be the one you break

The Permanence of Pen

I like the permanence of pen. Every word and letter that I write is worthy of surviving, with their mistakes and corrections for all to see. Pens have nothing to hide. Pens are for those who trust their expressions unconditionally, with no fear of the accidental or unintended.

Everything Happens Eventually – Updated!

Booth: Give it time. Everything happens eventually. Bones: Everything? Booth: All the stuff that you think never happens. It happens. You just gotta be ready for it. -Season 2, Episode 16: The Boneless Bride in the River As such, I’m ready for Bones and Booth to FINALLY get together ON SCREEN. None of this implied … Continue reading

Sentenced to Sentences

I have sentenced myself to these sentences Writing my wrongs in past and present tenses My crimes of passion all require punishment Those hearts that I’ve broken won’t let me forget…

Redheaded Women

Redheaded women! Those blood oranges! Those cherry bombs! Those celestial shrews and queens of copper! May they never cease to stain our white-bread lives with super-natural catsup. -Tom Robbins, “Ode to Redheads”, GQ, June 1988

Cupcakes, Really?

Wait, what? How is it that chocolate cupcakes (albeit extra delicious looking cupcakes) are the most visually similar image to my face? This can’t be a good thing…