Michael Parkes Art

Oh em gee I’m so excited! Yet another thrift store score, as per usual. I am, as you may already know, extra lucky. Anyway, years ago, I battled with Betsy over the purchase of this print:

But I didn’t know who the artist was, or how to describe it in a way that resulted in that information. Granted, I didn’t try THAT hard, but it was still harder to track down than I expected, so I lost interest. I was content to just stare at the beauty on my walls. But then today at a totally different thrift store, I come across THIS:

ZOMG amazing! They will look perfect side by side in my living room, and they’re both items in my redhaired lady art collection. I think I have about 20 various prints and paintings featuring redheads, and I’m always looking for more. I think it’s my way of compensating for being born sans ginger locks. Only problem is that now I want, oh, like twenty more pieces by him. Hopefully someone with similar artistic taste will drop off some more decor at the thrift store soon!

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