Sister Schooling

Usually I try to be a good influence on my sisters, but sometimes they’re the ones that end up teaching me a lesson. All three of us are super sensitive – our feelings get hurt easily, we love with all our heart, and those hearts get broken all the time. I think it’s good to be so open,though. I’m glad that, despite a string of heartbreaks, I’m still hopeful and willing to open up for complete emotional devastation time and time again. I suspect that my sisters will both be the same way . I hope so, at least, because I’ve experienced so much good that I wouldn’t have been open to if I had shuttered my heart against the chance of pain. Anyway, we’re very similar in so many ways, but there’s one trait that they share and I struggle with. Mimi and Kat are RESILIENT. They bounce back, and they do it with the quickness. I envy their recovery rate and want to be like them in that sense! Also, despite the image above, I love and like them both quite a bit!

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