Thoughts on Dating…aka, WTF

So I keep THINKING that I’m having these awesome dates. Like I feel positive about them afterwards, and it seems like I’m on the same page as the guy. They will mention future plans, and suggest hanging out the next week, and then POOF. Over. Somehow, at some point, they decide or realize or whatever that I’m not what they’re looking for. Or that they’re not looking for someone to date, or they don’t have time to date, or they’re not emotionally ready to date…nevermind that they’re on a DATING SITE. But I guess they don’t realize these things until after having one date with me. So either I attract guys who are seriously screwy to begin with, or I am somehow repelling men. This wouldn’t bother me if it was just a so-so date, or a good but not great date. The issue is that I keep thinking the date went really well, and so it’s that much more upsetting when I discover that apparently I was the only one enjoying myself. New ruling – no more dates. Maybe ever. At least until I can figure out WTF is wrong with my selection process, dating behavior, or general person.

How I feel right now – remember when Rachel asks Joshua to marry her, because she’s tripping out about Ross & Emily? And then he dumps her, of course, and later all the girls wear wedding dresses to cheer themselves up. Someone knocks at the door, and they think it’s Chandler, so Rachel answers and says “I do!”. But it’s Joshua, who for one brief second wanted to get back together. He turns and runs, and Rachel says:

“Yeah, well, that oughta do it.”

So that’s how I feel. I’m wearing a wedding dress that I can’t even see, and it’s scaring the boys away. Or some wedding dress equivalent that’s very obvious to guys but not to me at all. Sigh. There went that.

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