Posted in May 2011

An Angel In Truth, A Demon In Fiction

She’s an angel in truth, a demon in fiction A woman’s the greatest of all contradiction She’s afraid of a cockroach, She’ll scream at a mouse But she’ll tackle a husband as big as a house She’ll take him for better, She’ll take him for worse She’ll split his head open and then be his … Continue reading

This Love Sick Thing

You know, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me This love sick thing I like serious relationships and A girl like me don’t stay single for long Cause everytime a boyfriend and I break up My world is crushed and I’m all alone The love bug crawls right back up and bites … Continue reading

Karmin: Look At Me Now

Love this girl! So jealous! So impressed that I can’t type out full sentences! Seriously, though, I downloaded her version of this song and I prefer it soooo much more than the original. Mostly, though, I just wish I could be as cool as her…

Fame: Do Not Want

My sisters and I are quite talented, but we have one big difference in common – the desire for fame. I have absolutely no interest in becoming a celebrity, while my youngest sister fully intends to become a teen pop star. My other sister is pursuing the acting route, kicking ass at school musicals and … Continue reading

No Yesterdays

Some of us have no yesterdays No fond memories of better days There was no age of innocence That privilege? Nonexistant Some of us have no yesterdays Only lessons learned the hard way So what is there to turn to? And how do you keep the faith? What fragile branch can hold you? Without that … Continue reading

I Can’t Tell You

I can’t tell you what you did to me It would cause you too much pain You didn’t do it willingly And I can’t stand to see your shame Just what good would it possibly do To dwell on those mistakes? I’d rather hide the truth from you It’s better for both of our sakes … Continue reading

Parks & Rec GIF Goodness

Fair warning – in the past I have always had trouble sharing GIFs. As such, this post is going to be chock-full-o pictures in motion! Try to be in a bad mood while Ron Swanson dances, I dare you. Rob Lowe as Chris playing air banjo is pretty glorious as well. I had to get … Continue reading