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Poetry In Motion, Take Two

Poetry In Motion, Take Two

Last year I tried doing some Poetry in Motion pictures, where I layered lines from my poetry along with evocative background images. Now that my graphic design skills have improved, I thought I would try an updated version. I hope you enjoy! Click here for the full poem. Click here for the full poem.

Gutter Heart

Gutter Heart

I gave you my heart You threw it in the gutter I once had your heart But you gave it to another You took such great pride In kicking me to the curb You tried but can’t deny You wanted me to hurt But gutters are fine places For hearts to rest within And curbs … Continue reading

At First Glance

At first glance she’s lovely Without pretense or disguise At second glance she’s gorgeous With fire burning in her eyes At third glance she’s so tempting With a skillful, sexy pout At fourth glance she’s pure wisdom With no shadow of a doubt At fifth glance she’s more brilliant Than you ever could have guessed … Continue reading

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost With thanks to the talented and oh-so charming Marion/MayanRocks for the image that … Continue reading

The Story Of Us

I wish I could read the story of us An impartial version I could actually trust A third person account of our days and our nights An objective description of each wrong and right I would bookmark pages in the story of us Moments to remember – those of fury and lust Whole chapters on … Continue reading

The Full Moon Put To Shame

The Full Moon Put To Shame

I just posted a poem that I found in a brochure when I was in college. The poem is called Puttin’ A Full Moon To Shame, and I found it printed on middle page of the UC Santa Cruz Women’s Resource Center brochure. I’ve kept it on display ever since then, because I just love … Continue reading

Hold On, But Let Yourself Sway

Sorry to say but the whole world is an earthquake It tips and topples and forces hearts to break But water will find its own level And fires will slowly subside The balance will be restored It’s only a matter of time So brace yourself for the earthquakes! Hold on, but let yourself sway There’s … Continue reading

Why Do You Hide?

You hide your wisdom behind wide eyes Why do you insist on feigning surprise? You think you look so cute and fragile Why do you wear that silly fake smile? You seem to believe that it will impress Why do you want that kind of success? You can abandon your little disguise There’s no way … Continue reading

Poetry In Motion

Trying something new with my poetry this week…putting snippets or entire poems against design elements to make them come alive! I’m pretty excited despite my very limited experience in the world of graphic design. Here goes my first shot, I hope you enjoy :)

Vintage Poetry – Would You?

On June 13th, 1919, my great-grandma received a gift – “The Girl Graduate – Her Own Book”. It was a scrapbook for the modern young lady, and my very favorite treasure when I was younger. I used to read and re-read every page, going through and touching all of the calling cards, ball gown fabric … Continue reading

Familiar Spirit

Another poem found among my grandparent’s possessions. This one comes courtesy of an old, old volume of The Line Book. The inner cover explains that it’s “a compilation of the choicest verse and prose published the ‘Line o’ Type or Two’ column of the Chicago Tribune”. This particular volume of excerpts from Richard Henry Little’s … Continue reading

My Husband of So Many Years

I thought that my grandma wrote this poem for my papa, but I have recently been informed that I was incorrect. The poem was actually written by a woman named Elise Maclay, and published in a book called Green Winter: Celebrations of Old Age. A lovely reader named Shauna let me know that I didn’t … Continue reading

When I Thought You Made Me Whole

Tears fall from my eyes Like bullets into concrete skies Blessed from above, but raining down to meet Chalk outlines of my heart on a precarious street Your scent – waters cool and hemp so high Lingers eternally in my mind And reminds me of the one moment in time When I thought that you … Continue reading

Cheating Requires

Cheating requires closed doors Windows shut tight, curtains closed for the night Padded footsteps across the floor Cheating requires bare walls No portrait reminders of the ties that bind us Empty hotels and shadowed halls Cheating requires hot showers Scrub away the memories, set up the apologies Perhaps deliver flowers? Cheating requires a cross to … Continue reading

The Slowest Monday That Ever Was

One day about a year ago, a coworker commented that it was “the slowest Monday that ever was”. I’m pretty sure he was right, btw, but that also inspired me to write this poem. It isn’t about anyone in particular…the words just sorta poured out on the page, and this is what was there when … Continue reading


I found this poem on a scrap of newspaper tucked inside a book on my grandparent’s shelf. Almost every one of their (hundreds of) books had stuff like this inside, so going through their home after they passed away took quite a while. But this poem was one of my favorite finds, and I like … Continue reading

You Never Me

You offered me these promises Of lust, and love, and luck I expected hits and misses I guess I just got starstruck You polished all your attributes To a blinding, lying glare They said “he does just as he suits” And blamed ME for being there YOU displayed mere grains of truth Single drops of … Continue reading

So You Wouldn’t Have To

I lied to myself, so you wouldn’t have to I led myself on, and you didn’t have a clue You should be happy with this hand that I’ve dealt You should be thankful for what you never felt Sure, my heart is breaking From all you never said And yes, I’m cold and lonely Without … Continue reading

Side By Side, But On Our Own

The years we spent together Side by side, but on our own Were the makings of forever But we both felt all alone Those fireworks that peaked In kaleidoscope explosions Were witnessed cheek to cheek But in silence, lacked emotion Brilliant bombs that could have been The start of true romance But now they’re just … Continue reading

The Adult In Me

The world has always expected the adult in me to show I spoke in solemn sentences, and wished to finally grow My soul quite quickly sank to the depths of middle age It all felt so frightening from within my youthful cage When I was just an infant, I seldom whined or cried My toddler … Continue reading

An Angel In Truth, A Demon In Fiction

She’s an angel in truth, a demon in fiction A woman’s the greatest of all contradiction She’s afraid of a cockroach, She’ll scream at a mouse But she’ll tackle a husband as big as a house She’ll take him for better, She’ll take him for worse She’ll split his head open and then be his … Continue reading

No Yesterdays

Some of us have no yesterdays No fond memories of better days There was no age of innocence That privilege? Nonexistant Some of us have no yesterdays Only lessons learned the hard way So what is there to turn to? And how do you keep the faith? What fragile branch can hold you? Without that … Continue reading

I Can’t Tell You

I can’t tell you what you did to me It would cause you too much pain You didn’t do it willingly And I can’t stand to see your shame Just what good would it possibly do To dwell on those mistakes? I’d rather hide the truth from you It’s better for both of our sakes … Continue reading

I Meant Every Word

I meant every word I said The last time I walked away So don’t let it go to your head How I’m standing here today It’s time for you to ante up And put in as much as I do It’s time for you to show your hand I’m tired of being lied to I … Continue reading

When I’m Heartbroken

When I’m heartbroken, I can think of you It’s the only way you’re of any use I block you out, most of the time Trying to keep you off of my mind But when the pain is caused by another Thoughts always drift to that first true lover This pain, I can handle It’s what … Continue reading